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xToadz + O1 + Ad Owl +Ape FTSOs accused of collusion


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Twitter handle @King_phil_3 has presented evidence of collusion between four FTSOs providers, namely:

* sToadz FTSO ( 0x879Fb0b354733674FD403286eBb2eB17EF97E5Ae )

* O1 FTSO ( 0x229458a754cd1aeba8a0c87f59e22777d593b85a )

* Ad Owl FTSO ( 0xad6f97449d5d7c6c191b58792137e6204bd0538f )

*  "Ape FTSO"


The evidence was uploaded by  @King_phil_3 to google docs:


The four FTSOs aparently share the same Bitrue account. Not only collusion affects the data integrity of the network but also create sell pressure as they are selling most of the (extra) rewards.



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