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John Deaton Reveals that Hinman Received Over $9 Million from an Ethereum-Related Firm


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Attorney John Deaton, the founder of Deaton Law Firm and CryptoLaw, has disclosed the amount received by William Hinman, a former official of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), from Simpson Thacher, a partner of Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) in 2017 and 2018.

According to John Deaton in a Friday tweet, William Hinman was involved in profit sharing with a crypto firm while still in office as the head of SEC’s Corporate Finance. As a matter of concern, this was during the period he made a controversial statement regarding Ethereum (ETH). 

Per the update, William Hinman got $7.8 million in profit sharing in 2017. He also received $1.8 million from Simpson Thatcher, a partner of the Ethereum-related firm, in 2018.


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Yep it's amazing how much a little 3rd party promotion can net you...

Hey BIlly boy there where 1000's of cryptos, but when WE look at BTC and ETH WE don't see a third party promoter, unless of course you count yourself and your fellow conspirators at the SEC. Now there is a push to get the CFTC to rule over ETH and BTC and leave almost all other cryptos under the fist of the SEC. Job well done for these elitist scam artists and of course it's mostly because Jamie Dimon and friends want it this way, scumbags, all of them. If only there was some agency, we could complain to, about this kind of behaviour?

When the crooks are running the show, it's time to root them out and expose them and then have a very public lynching. ETH gate in a nutshell, REGULATORY freedom for ETH and BTC, all other cryptos, may have to pay up and go through SEC hell. All for the profiteers involved in ETH & BTC, see above vid. An entire industry held up and at SEC gunpoint, just so these CROOKS, can get away with billions.

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