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Suggestion: Use Snapshot to fork Flare and resume the original plan...


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The snapshot occurred on XRP Ledger index 60,155,580 and the Flare (FLR) claim period ended on XRP Ledger index 64,204,315. Your last valid message key will be used for the coming Flare (FLR) distribution.

We've seen like for 2 years at https://bithomp.com/ the FLR claim amount for the (aprox) 1:1 airdrop. With the heavy Telegram channel censorship and other attitudes from FLR team it is more than clear that they are going to get their "proposal" aproved and by that action betraying the whole XRP community.

The initial idea of FLR (and they were funded by Ripple) was to provide the XRP community of smart contract capabilities (something that Codius could not deliver). They prefered to delay and not deliver and instead try to become a "bigger proyect".

I wonder if a hardcore XRP community team could use SGB's code, add the F-Asset feature for XRP only and fork it. Then using the Flare snapshot to airdrop on a 1:1 basis. The current FTSO could easily provide the infraestructure needed for the network, since any SGB-FLR FTSO could provide data for a third chain without any additional complexity.





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This was the original Flare plan (Ripple invested on this plan that never fullfiled, now they are no longer an investor):

"Flare’s native token will be an algorithmic stablecoin created in part by burning XRP, and payments for a contract can be made and received in XRP via Interledger, which will be integrated with Flare. Flare will also use the XRP address and encryption system to provide XRP users with a virtually seamless way of interacting with smart contracts on the Flare Network." -Nov 5, 2019

Source: https://ripple.com/insights/investing-in-flare-networks-2/

I still think there is room for a new team able to produce an algorithmic stablecoin that burns XRP.


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