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Please Help. I an unable to move my XRP from my coinbase wallet. I got airdrops and i have no master key, All i have is just 12 words wallet mnemonic phrase. Coinbase support is saying that my Master key is disabled and I haven’t done anything.


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I am unable to send or transfer my XRP from Coinbase Wallet.

coinbase Support is saying that my Master Key is disable. I don’t know anything about master key, I always access my Wallet with 12 words mnemonic phrase which is saved. 

Coinbase is shit, Something bad is happening, whenever i receive any crypto Coinbase automatically send them to another address. And they are not providing me solution. Only my XRP is saved and want to transfer it to binance.


i need urgent help.






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Unfortunately your mnemonic phrase has probably been stolen (hacked, scammed etc.). Coinbase is not taking your money, the person who stole your phrase is.

The only reason that they are not immediately withdrawing your XRP is because they were able to lock your XRP wallet by disabling the master key. They will be able to withdraw the XRP whenever they want to but they are probably hoping that you will send more XRP into the wallet before they do.

You should stop using the wallet and phrase, and in the future, be careful about where you store your mnemonic phrase.

I'm sorry, there is probably nothing you can do to recover this.

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On 8/27/2022 at 8:37 AM, ShanSaleem786 said:

But how it goes (send) instantly in seconds whenever i receive or deposit any crypto in this wallet.


That sounds like a deposit address for an exchange. Probably coinbase. 

It sounds like you have two wallets. A coinbase account AND a secret key. I don't know, I am guessing. 
The coinbase account is like a bank. You to log into coinbase and see if the deposits are being credited to your account. 

The secret key is like a wallet that you keep in your pocket. you need a wallet app. If you give anyone that secret key they can steal your account. 

You are probably confusing the coinbase wallet app which uses a mnemonic key and the coinbase website which you log into with a password. 

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