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Find transactions by date, amount and tag possible?


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For tax purposes I'd like to find the first giveaway transactions I received back in the days. Unfortunately the ripple.com client is gone and I don't know the transaction addresses since I transferred them back then to Kraken which doesn't show the addresses of the deposit. All I know is the "date and time", "amount" and "tag". 

Is there a way to find these old transactions? 

From the old ripple.com client I got the username, password and safe key but these won't help me to recover the wallet right? (just to see the transactions) 

Thank you very much for your help. 


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On 8/22/2022 at 8:33 AM, droider said:

All I know is the "date and time", "amount" and "tag". 

Is there a way to find these old transactions?

You can use Google BigQuery, which has the full history of XRP transactions in it. It starts to cost after the first few queries, but if you've never used Google Cloud Platform before then maybe you can get free trial credits.

Create a new query in the SQL Workspace and use the following as a template:

  datetime(TIMESTAMP_seconds(Ledgers.CloseTimeTimestamp + 946684800)) as CloseTime, 
  format_datetime("%Y-%b-%d %H:%M:%S", Ledgers.CloseTime) as CloseTimeHuman,
  (CAST(Transactions.AmountXRP AS float64) / 1000000) as AmountXRP,
FROM xrpledgerdata.fullhistory.ledgers AS Ledgers
INNER JOIN xrpledgerdata.fullhistory.transactions AS Transactions
  ON Transactions.LedgerIndex = Ledgers.LedgerIndex
WHERE CloseTime BETWEEN '2020-11-30 00:00:00' AND '2020-11-30 23:59:59'
  AND AmountXRP = 123456789
  AND DestinationTag = 123456789
  AND Transactions.TransactionResult = 'tesSUCCESS'

Enter your own data on the last 5 lines to search your date/time range of interest (in UTC), amount and tag. Note that AmountXRP must be written in drops (multiply the XRP amount by 1,000,000). You can also use greater than / less than signs ( >  < ) if you don't know the exact amount of XRP down to the last drop.

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