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JP Morgan a quick lesson from history.


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It's obvious by now, to everyone who has been paying attention to the Ripple case, that JP Morgan and friends (Goldman Gary, BH & JC etc), have all tried to build a monopoly for ETH using the SEC and regulatory capture. So here is a quick lesson from history, about how JPM work... just play for 60 seconds!

WHO BENEFITS from widescale ETH adoption, pleasant regulation and high gas fees, whilst the rest of the crypto industry is punished by the SEC i.e. JP Morgan and friends?

This kind of monopoly building needs to be stopped and challenged, otherwise it will be US that suffer at the hands of THEIR greed.

Want proof, JL, tells you how it is, if you ain't developing on ETH, then as he said, their friends at the SEC will shut you down = monopoly for ETH...

Please wake up to all this, if you haven't already, it's important to how the future will go and if us little people hadn't kicked up such a fuss already and called out ETH Gate for what it is, out and out corruption, then THEY would steam roll all of us into an ETH centric blockchain world, especially in the USA, if THEY get their own way. The majority of big media is silent on all this, so it's up to us and goes to show, who is trying to control the narrative, so join in anyway you can, raise awareness or suffer the consequences of inaction.

In the past they could control most of the media and slide this by unnoticed, THEY are trying to do it again, don't let THEM.

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