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🚨 SEC Brief Supporting Objection to Judge Netburn's Orders on Hinman Speech 🚨


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"A careful review of the record shows that the SEC has never departed from its contention that the Speech did not reflect the agency’s position but did reflect Director Hinman’s personal view sas the Director of Corp Finand, consequently,the views of the division he led."


Just LMAO :lol:

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Be prepared for another long wait till torres' final ruling.  She will accept the SEC's invitation of reviewing all the docs and therefore gives them another delay. And after her ruling the sec will try to appeal to the 2nd circ. anyway! IMO

Even if the docs arent harming their case against ripple they really do not lose much in further delaying the outcome of this matter. In fact,  every time the judges had allowed them to file for reconsideration or to file for another reply brief they already got everything they need because there is no way this docs are still relevant to ripple BEFORE summary judgement is fully briefed.

With netburn,  and seemingly torres too,  the sec can play their cards as they wish without real consequences.  They offered many reasons to get sanctioned by both judges,  but nothing yet... 

For everyone who is wondering how the sec believes their nonsense twisting arguments can stand - for them its not about the arguments,  but to delay

The SEC successfully played ripple and the judges again and they already won the matter even without a final ruling from torres.

The only weapon against the sec's tactics is a judge who just doesnt grant every delay or additional reply inquiries,  a fair judge who acknowledges such unfaithful tactics of delaying would have stopped this shit show long ago. Remember, SJ first was sheduled for august 2021. The hinman mail drafts first were ordered to be handed over almost 1.5 years ago!

There is no way netburn and torres didnt realize the sec's litigation tactics already,  and still... 

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