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Alleged Tornado Cash developer arrested in Amsterdam


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The crackdown on crypto mixers is escalating.


A 29-year-old man has been arrested in Amsterdam for his suspected involvement in the development of Tornado Cash — a crypto mixer service that was banned earlier this month by the US Department of the Treasury for its role in laundering money from large-scale hacking operations, including those linked to state-sponsored North Korean cybergangs.


The greater issue is of course, if you invented the hammer, are you responsible?, for everyone who uses hammers, and every use case, people have found for hammers?

Open source software can be seen the same way, so God help ALL software developers, this is a very dangerous precedent being set and goes to show that the world in which we live in, is indeed being led by a technologically illiterate class of leadership. I remember Kevin Mitnick being sent to jail, because a judge believed the prosecutor in the case, saying this guy could start a nuclear war, just by giving him access to a phone:-

We need leadership, that is technologically literate, before they start locking up 1000's of people world wide, based on nothing more, than their own ignorance.

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