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Top Japanese Shinsei Bank Picks XRP as a Campaign Reward Method


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Shinsei Bank, a popular bank in Japan, has rolled out two joint campaigns to reward customers who meet the requirements with cryptocurrency exchange coupons. These coupons can be exchanged for XRP and/or BTC at SBI VC trade.

Per an announcement, Shinsei Bank has partnered with SBI VC Trade to establish a joint campaign to present cryptocurrency exchange coupons to new and existing customers. It is said that the campaign will run from August 10 to October 31, 2022. 

New users stand a chance to be rewarded when they open an account with Shinsei Bank while existing users stand the chance to get a crypto exchange coupon when they set up a yen time deposit. 

As stated in the announcement, "the crypto asset exchange coupon gift campaign is worth up to 8,000 yen for all customers who open a new account and make a prescribed transaction."

Over the years, Shinsei Bank has been offering reward-giving campaigns to new customers. However, the top Japan-based bank intends to attract more clients by making rewards convertible to crypto assets like XRP. 

"We will hold a campaign where you can win a crypto asset exchange ticket worth up to 10,000 yen," the bank said. To note, this crypto asset exchange ticket granted by SBI VC Trade is a prize that can be exchanged for either Bitcoin (BTC) or Ripple (XRP) at SBI VC Trade. 


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