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Another option is to download TheWorldExchange.net page and on the offline PC while offline open that page and login with the secret key.  If the public address it generates matches what you already have then it a pretty good bet it's ok....   but that is speculation on my part...  @pftq wrote it and can confirm if that's true or not....

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Thanks @Tinyaccount I'll do that cold wallet transaction with a rippex client AND test the second way too, not that I'm paranoid or anything :P

Originally I had an idea to make 3 or 4 paper wallets and spread XRP evenly but now that I think about it there's really no point when I can create cold wallet offline transactions to move XRP out of paper to online (I didn't know that before) so I'm thinking about just one paper wallet and keepping my original rippex cold wallet as sort of a relay/backup wallet with only the required 20XRP in it. Does that sound as a good idea?

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Some people think a spread of wallets reduces risk of total loss, and others think it increases the chances of managing it incorrectly.  Much of a muchness I suppose.

I do know that as a hodler I didn't think I needed access to my XRP but then I found I wanted to gift some etc....   so having a cold wallet that can easily transact beyond the original confirmation transaction might be a good idea.   So perhaps instead of just 20, maybe consider leaving a useful amount in the rippex.

Oh...  and yeah...   paranoia is a good thing...   they really are out to get your funds.   :) 


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@namini Since Rippex is no longer supported by the developer, is there any chance you can edit the original post and replace Rippex with Harbor by Secure Block Chains. We've had thousands of users happily using our Desktop wallet, many within this community. I only ask since this post is part of "Our Picks" section of XRPChat and a discontinued product is being recommended while a wallet developed by community members goes unmentioned.

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Here is a detailed list of top ripple wallets, which are also the most secure- 

  1. Ledger Nano S
  2. Toast Wallet
  3. Guarda
  4. GateHub
  5. CryptoNator
  6. Edge Wallet

Despite the emergence of cryptocurrencies, a lot of teething troubles with our financial systems remain. International payments are still slow and cumbersome, and the world, in general, isn’t warming up to compete with cryptocurrencies fast enough. This is of course because institutions aren’t picking up this new technology quickly. This is what Ripple intends to change with its XRP tokens.


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It's good to have a overview through all those wallets.
I haven't heard of all of them until now. The Ledger Nano S crossed my way already a few times.
It easyly gets confusing and you don't really know which wallet is safe and practical.
So thank you for this post. I'll go through all the recommendations and do some more research about them ?

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@Flintstone thanks for drawing attention to this.

Yesterday I've heard from hot and cold wallets for the first time. I don't really know what a cold nor a hot wallet is..

Maybe you have a good explanation for that like an article or a youtube video. I would be very grateful if so  ?

All the best!

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@cheesehead A cold wallet has a secret key that is not subjected to an online environment, like a Nano Ledger or paper wallet.

A hot wallet is an online application like the Toast app.

If you.... and only you, have access to your secret key, then it is considered cold.

If you go here https://bithomp.com/create and disconnect from the internet, then click generate a few times and write down your keys, this would be a paper wallet (cold as it is offline).  But then you need to consider If your everyday pc has any malicious software on it that could communicate your keys when you are back online!?!  To avoid this instance, it’s best practice is to download the wallet generator and run it on a device that has never been online, or go back online. (An old laptop, Raspberry Pi etc.

Can be a pain in the butt at first sight, which is why a lot of people go the hardware route (Ledger).

Hot wallet - Toast is popular and open source

Hardware Wallet - Nano Ledger seems to be the go to.

Paper Wallet (Offline, ideally on separate device) - you can generate a wallet using only Ripple tools (bit of work though) or 3rd party generators like the Bithomp one.

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Our repos were moved to bithomp's githib https://github.com/bithomp

1. Offline/Online wallet https://github.com/Bithomp/bithomp-tools

2. Paper wallet https://github.com/Bithomp/xrp-paper-wallet

3. Generate wallet https://github.com/Bithomp/generate-xrp-wallet

We unpublished the ripply's old paper wallet, as it's unsupported, and might works buggy in some browsers. 

So, please delete from your list the ripply's old wallet and update links for our repos. 



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