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🚨 SEC Ripple Joint Request πŸ“Ή SEC Response to Ripple on Videos πŸ“‰ Galaxy -$555M


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XRP Ripple news today:
β–Ί SEC & Ripple Joint Request for Motions to SealΒ 
β–Ί SEC 1 Line response to Ripple on Video Authentication
β–Ί Galaxy Digital's Q2 Net Loss 3X to $554.7M


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Jamie Dimon and friends want to push ETH and kill off any competition via regulatory capture. So delaying Ripple and it's better tech, is just part of THEIR last desperate moves. The SEC are a disgrace and as corrupt as hell, they are not innocent pawns, they are active participants, in ongoing cover ups and crimes against the very people they are paid to protect.

Tom Emmer and some other senators and congressman see what's going on, so hopefully this out and out, blatant corruption will be stopped at some point. The SEC must not be allowed to declare anything they want, a security, via nothing more than their say so, but this is what they seem to want. GG is pushing for more power than the SEC should ever be allowed to have, especially considering the damages they have already inflicted on so many, so say 70,000+ of us. These CRIMINALS need to be stopped.

And if you want proof of the above, then here is a guy who knows a lot more than he should about what the SEC will do, to his competition!

The Sinister Ethereum Cartel at work.

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