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More XRP Investors Join Ripple to Tackle SEC: John Deaton Now Has Over 70,000 Backers


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The number of XRP investors that have joined Ripple against the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the ongoing lawsuit is seeing a significant increase, according to attorney John Deaton.

A few weeks ago, the number was still standing at around 67,000, but the number of Ripple backers among XRP investors, who are legally showcasing their support, has spiked above 70,000. John Deaton said this in a tweet a few hours ago.

In the tweet, the attorney representing the teeming XRP holders, called out SEC chair Gary Gensler and the SEC Enforcement Director, reiterating his belief that the regulator will lose the war against Ripple and XRP.

John Deaton tweeted, “70,100 as of now. Gary Gensler & @SEC Enforcement Director over 70K #XRP Holders from diverse backgrounds from all 50 states, every U.S. territory, and 141 Countries around the [globe] have joined together to fight vs your unlawful expansion of Howey. You will lose the war.”


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