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Joseph Grundfest on the Hinman Speech


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Joseph A. Grundfest is the William A. Franke Professor of Law and Business at Stanford Law School and co-director of the Rock Center on Corporate Governance at Stanford University. He joined Stanford's faculty in 1990 after having served for more than four years as a Commissioner of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. While at the SEC, Professor Grundfest dealt extensively with matters related to enforcement of federal securities laws, corporate governance, takeover regulation, market volatility, and internationalization of U.S. capital markets.

Professor Grundfest’s scholarship in the areas of corporate law, securities regulation, and litigation has been published in the Harvard, Yale, and Stanford Law Reviews. The National Law Journal lists Professor Grundfest as among the nation’s 100 most influential attorneys, and California Lawyer has listed Professor Grundfest as among the top 10 lawyers in California. Prior to joining the SEC, Professor Grundfest served as counsel and senior economist for legal and regulatory matters at the President’s Council of Economic Advisors. An attorney and economist, Professor Grundfest has also practiced law with Wilmer, Cutler & Pickering, and has served as an economist with the Brookings Institution and the Rand Corporation.



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For all of you new to this, then here is a link to a copy of the letter Grundfest sent to the jerk in the video below, warning him of the effects the Ripple law suit would have.

But of course the jerk / paid off clown, did it anyway, which is why now more than 69000+ people are suing the Sinister Ethereum Cartel, for wiping out 15 billion dollars worth of XRP investors assets almost overnight.



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