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Throughput & Costs for large amounts of NFTs

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Hi there,

I am currently designing a solution that would see a large amount of NFTs of a same type transferred in a single user request. Our system would bridge that to the XRP system. 

The questions I couldn't fully figure out myself are around costs and throughput.

The info I have (XRP):
- transaction speed ~5 seconds
- network total rate: ~1500 tx/s
- page reserve requirement up to 32 NFTs is 2 XRP currently:  NFTokenPage
- an NFTokenPage can hold at most 32 NFTs
- NFT transfer fees are set on mint

A few details about my objective:
- users may hold up to 1'000'000 NFTs in their account
- standard user transactions would be to transfer 10'000 to 100'000 NFT (which the system has then to execute one by one??)
- transactions like this could happen relatively frequently, multiple times per day

The questions I have:
- how many NFTs can I mint per second?
- how many NFT transfers (let's say accept offers) can I submit/can be accepted per second?
- what would be the reserve requirement of holding large amounts of NFTs?

Here is the state of my thoughts...

Network transactions throughput

Will the network support as many NFT transactions as standard transaction? If so...

   maximum number of transfer: 1500 tx/s * 60 s/m / 2 (create & accept offers) = 45'000 offers accepted per minute

1. I can imagine not being allowed to submit so many request to the network, am I?

2. Is there specific limitations of requests for NFT transactions?

Transaction costs

3. Is a NFTokenMint transaction a standard transaction costing 10 drop?

4. Is a NFTokenCreateOffer and NFTokenAcceptCreateOffer a standard transaction costing 10 drop?

Reserve requirements

5. Do reserve requirements need to be in the account before the creating a NFTokenCreateOffer or can it be done within the transaction somehow?

6. To store 32'000 NFTs, will the reserve requirement be 10 (base reserve) + 1000 * 2 XRP = 2010 XRP in the account?

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