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XRP Incorporated As Payment Method by Tokyo-based CryptoBar P2P


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As a report has it, XRP, the digital token that Ripple oversees its distribution, is now live on CryptoBar P2P, a cryptocurrency social platform based in Tokyo, Japan.

The new development was shared a couple of hours ago by Emi Yoshikawa, Ripple’s VP, Corporate Strategy & Operations. According to the report, XRP holders can now pay for goods and services using CryptoBar P2P.

Emi Yoshikawa tweeted, “With Cryptobar P2P, I thought that I couldn’t use XRP, so I negotiated with the owner @project_bbb and asked him to accept XRP payment. The first XRP payment has been completed. XRP holders, you can now make XRP payments with CryptoBarP2P! Let’s go.”


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