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76% of Global Financial Institutions Will Use Crypto in 2025, Ripple Forecasts


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Financial institutions and enterprises have shown significant and rising interest in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. With proper regulations in place, Ripple, the crypto solutions company, believes that global financial institutions will continue to move forward with crypto adoption at a faster pace. Meanwhile, institutional interests in crypto are centered around portfolio management and payments.

Crypto Adoption by Financial Institutions

It might interest you to know that financial institutions are no longer sitting on the fence with crypto. In times past, the overwhelming narrative on crypto asserted that 'it is only used for speculative purposes.' Interestingly, the narratives have long changed as global financial institutions and enterprises now see a variety of reasons to embrace crypto and its underlying technology.

As revealed in a survey by Ripple, three core rationales propel financial institutions to add cryptocurrency to their portfolio. The first is its widespread use for payments. Secondly, crypto provides a hedge against inflation or other asset classes or could serve as an alternative to bonds. Organizations also adopt crypto because of its use as a bridge currency. 

"In the US alone, 2,300 organizations like PayPal, Microsoft, Whole Foods, and UNICEF have begun accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment, and so of course these organizations need to manage cryptocurrency as support for payments (whether they hold it themselves, as some do, or custody through a third party). Some organizations are also now paying employees in crypto," part of the report said

Furthermore, the 2022 investigation by Team Ripple reveals that in the next three years (2025), 76% of financial institutions around the globe expect to integrate cryptocurrency into their businesses, assuming government regulations permits. On the other hand, the majority of customers surveyed globally noted that they would buy crypto through their bank if the bank offered it.

Also, the report centered on Crypto Trends in Business and Beyond, shows that 70% of global financial institutions and enterprises are interested in using blockchain for payments. 

Additionally, more than 20% of global consumers said that they would only buy sustainable cryptocurrencies. Therefore, as institutions move forward with crypto adoption, it is hoped that they will prioritize sustainability as a factor in their decision-making. 

From all indications, there is a universal interest and common agreement that cryptocurrency and blockchain technology will be the propeller of tremendous financial transformations that will bring about numerous benefits to everyone. 


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It is like digitalisation of telecoms; at first there seemed few advantages over analogue lines, but then utility arrived and digital telecoms enabled the invention of the Internet and Mobile phones.  Now every business is linked up/dependent to digital telecoms services.   Analogue telecoms have transferred across to digital.  The first thought for any new business is to find a domain name that will represent them on the Internet. 

Digital value tokens are intelligent (smart), data rich, secure (immutable), streamable and cheap.  To survive in the blockchain world of the future every business, every individual, will need to upgrade and transfer their wealth out to analogue on to digital.  (I suppose a few could opt to keep wealth as a lump of gold in their basement, but many CBDCs will be tied to the price of gold anyway).

As Quincy said the other day, everything, including debt, will be put onto the new ledgers like XRPL.  Every addition will add liquidity and push up price of the tokens.  This cycle of value growth is unstoppable

Us early investors are in a strange place.  The legacy cryptos are very volatile and stumbling around trying to remain relevant whilst the Utility coins that will drive future growth in crypto have their value largely determined by legacy crypto and the whales that invest in BTC and ETH. I beleive the subservient relationship of utility to legacy crypto will inevitably be broken, but whilst that happens the value of utility tokens will be very volatile too. In the coming 12 months we could see our investment in utility tokens go violently down or up, but in the end utility will prevail.

The wall of money arriving into the space will be bigger than any we have seen in the history of mankind, by a factor of 10X or more! 

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