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I can not connect


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Hello, I can not connect to my portfolio. Indeed, I lost the account on the Authy application, and to add it I am asked a QR Code, or a key. How to connect without going through the Authy application, or can you give me the QR code to add the system into the application. In the waiting, thank you.


Or,  can you disable 2FA temporarily so that I use Google Authentificator. 


Thank you for giving me a code or QR code to add my account

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you're probably not English but try to explain better so we have a chance to help you.

First, we're not an official support forum but just a community of people trying to help each other.

Best chance for you to receive help is to contact directly the exchange/gateway support you're talking about.
If your issue is with Gatehub, sometimes they come on this forum, you can try to send by PM your email to @enej (only if your problem is with Gatehub).

They won't be able to give you a QR code or a key, they don't have it, only you can figure it out. But they might help you to disable 2FA.

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I am not an Englishman, and I find it difficult to explain.

I lost access to my Gatehub account via Authy. So I no longer have the 6-digit code to login, but a 7-digit code that does not work. So I can not access my XRP portfolio.

I sent a message to the support but I did not get any answers.

Can you disable Authy 2FA temporarily from my account so I can activate Google Authetificator or give me a solution I can no longer access my XRP.

Thank you

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I know you're not English but you should have understood what I explained to you.

We are not an official forum, mostly just people helping each other.
If you contacted Gatehub support they will probably answer you (but might take a while).
If after several days you still don't have an answer, you can try to send a personal message here on this forum to Enej explaining your problem and giving him your email address so he checks it for you.

Try a translator if it helps:

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