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BTC wallet and Transactions search for 2017-2019


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Hey All. 

Is there someone that have such a tool or statistics ?
I technically need to do research on BTC wallet transactions ( will probably need only the big ones like 5-10K at once ) 
Something similar to Whale Alert for BTC for 2017 and after ? 
Is someone aware how can i sneak peak previous wallet states ( by previous .... years ... ) 

I know it looks like .... "This should be easy task".... But i hit a rock actually :D


It's needed for a small research I'm doing on movements. So anything similar to this will be helpful. 
Thanks in advance. 

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This has nothing to do with the client behind the wallet.

The wallets are public in general.

I was talking about a snapshot of the wallets by years / months like example :


wallet 1 had : 10 btc at 2017 , 20 btc at 2018 ect. Nothing private as Information here.


for example the same thing is visible at the moment in the wallet search history. I just need the same but for how they were in 2017/2018 ect. I don't need who owns the wallet or something like that.







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