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Ripple’s XRPL Labs Rollouts Layer-1 Smart Contract Features on the XRP Ledger: Details


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Ripple’s XRPL Labs, the software development firm behind the XRP Ledger, has recently announced the rollout of Hooks Builder, a web-based development environment that enables developers to test, debug, and deploy Layer-1 smart contracts on the XRP Ledger.

Wietse Wind, a lead developer at the XRPL Labs, who designed Xumm, shared the new development with the XRP community via his official Twitter handle a few hours ago.

Wietse Wind wrote, “One of the biggest things for the XRP Ledger (but I'm biased). Today the world can build "layer 1" smart contracts on the XRP Ledger, with our now published browser based "Hooks Builder", on our live "Hooks Testnet". All the Hooks source code is now public + PR to rippled.”


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I'm excited to see what the community will build with hooks.  Such a clean implementation of an alternative to smart contracts. XRPL is leading the way in innovation while staying fully decentralized.

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