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Bill Hinman, newly found vid, the SEC, confusing markets.


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How on Earth was Ripple supposed to know what the hell was going on at the SEC, when BH gives a speech giving ETH a free pass and comes out with statements like the one above. This is utter BS, the SEC are a disaster and as corrupt as hell, they are not an agency anybody can trust and these human being's along with some others at the SEC obviously abused their positions, to manipulate market's for themselves and their friends. Hey America, when you can't trust the people you pay to protect you, then you need to sort it out, before your country is dragged down to the level of a banana republic.

Always keep in mind, JC is one of Billy boy's best friends, it's amazing what besties can do for each other isn't it...

This is market manipulation by SEC officials on behalf of their friends in rich places, there is no doubt.


Some at the SEC, have abused their positions for personal gain at the expense of thousands of XRP holders, never forget all the scams in the crypto space added up to 14 billion $ last year, this agency has cost the crypto industry more than that, in every way. Investor protection LOL, we should start by clearing out the SEC of anybody connected to Wall St and their banking buddies. These criminals are in charge of protecting you, they are paid to do it, ask yourself, do you feel protected?

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If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck. This is what clear corruption in daylight looks like. Also shows how disconnected the top of USA gov is and probably always was. There is a relatively small group running the show that is not interested in actually helping citizens and companies that aren't connected with them. The only thing that's important for them is to keep the show running and not get stuck.

Apparently many other people in the gov don't have te power or willingness to punish it. There should be people in jail right now and I can already promise nobody of them will go to jail.

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