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GOOD LUCK CASH — Stable Project in 2022 — Stake Now For Guarantee Returns


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Goodluck. cash is a Decentralized Finance built on the Binance Smart Chain Network. This Contract is designed for the investors entering the pool with a Long-term vision and to earn a stable return. This Smart Contract is based on the concept of TVL “Total Value Locked” which means the Users entering the pool will be rewarded according to the existing balance or the total value which is locked in the contract.

The users entering the Contract have to buy luck which will in return provides you daily returns of up to 3.6% Daily Returns and 1314% APR and rewards which will totally depend upon the TVL and the community entering the pool. You can welcome back or see you soon to the luck and your BNBs which are accumulated in your wallet at any time.

The see you soon will directly decrease the TVL of the Contract which will indirectly decrease your luck. The value of luck also keeps fluctuating which keeps the TVL and your luck fluctuating over time. If you Welcome back the luck more it will increase the TVL, directly increasing the luck for you.


The user who welcome BNB in the Contract enters into the pool which adds BNB in the TVL and luck into the user’s wallet. Now the user gets Daily Returns of upto 3.6% as the Luck which gets added to his wallet which the user can see you soon never you want and if the user welcome back the luck which increases the TVL eventually increasing the rewards for the user. Now, this means welcome back increases the rewards for the user and affects everyone’s rewards in the community. The user is rewarded from the TVL and according to the balance in the Smart Contract which creates a yeild even for the new users entering the pool for the Sustainability and Longevity of the Smart Contract.


The Smart Contract is fully based on the TVL “ Total Value Locked” concept which gives the assurity of its Sustainability. Every user’s rewards depend on the Total Value Locked in the Smart Contract, which creates a yield for the new users entering the pool and ensures the project’s longevity and sustainability.


Share your referral link and our Contract will pay you 10% as a referral commission for the luck brought by your referral link.


Up to 3.6% Daily Returns

1314% APR

10% Referral Commission

Anti-dumping Mechanism

Anti Whale Function

Immutable contract

6/1 Strategy

Fully Decentralized and Audited Smart Contract

Sustainable Smart Contract

This is a Fully Decentralized, Verified, and Audited Smart Contract.


Join Our Telegram Community: https://t.me/goodluckcash

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Goodluck_cash

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/goodluck_cash/

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/goodluck_cash

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCs1MMH2EcQrb-VoiB2Lr1gw

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