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How to get Currenncy pairs data from XRP server


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I want to fetch all the data like current price, OHLC etc.... between two currency/asset pairs from XRP Blockchain, I see that Ripple Data API v2 has endpoints for this but its depcreated now https://xrpl.org/data-api.html 

Documentation suggests to use Web socket or HTTP but I do not see any endpoints to get asset details


Can anyone help me with that? 

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Hey @Triceratops, thank you for your response.

I see this provides a list of existing offers between two assets/pair, but it does not provide actual current price.

Let's say, there is an asset called USD and I want to know current price of USD/XRP, how should I get it? I believe book_offers will provide price of USD that other users are willing to trade for which are not fulfiled. 

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