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SEC Rejects Grayscale’s Spot Bitcoin ETF Application


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Hey GG you're nothing more than a pawn of Goldman Sachs, do your job properly or resign, signed 68 thousand+, XRP investors, you know the people who you're supposed to protect. You won't approve a spot ETF for BTC, but will approve a futures ETF, citing market manipulation as a reason! Bill Hinman makes a speech which is, might, maybe SEC guidance, how is that not market manipulation, pumping ETH price to the moon, then suing ETH's main competitor, you're a disgrace to the USA and should be locked up.

The DOJ needs to investigate the SEC, BH / JC / GG and friends for abuse of power and insider trading and market manipulation, when a government agency is being run for the benefit of Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan, then it's time to get a new government.

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