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Evernode's public beta test phase has officially started!


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With the Evernode Foundation announcing the start of their public beta test phase, they're inviting every interested individual to participate in the beta test and run a server on their test platform, with zero additional cost to participate.

The Foundation's official announcement: https://twitter.com/EvernodeXRPL/status/1540901839570620417

Each participant must have their own server and a registered GitHub account to be apart of the beta test, the GitHub account will be used to join the Foundation's private repository which contains the installation link and the necessary info/updates on the public beta test phase.

Participants will send out their GitHub username to the team (via Twitter) and the team will then invite you to their private repository via GitHub entirely. No participation fee is needed, test EVRs will be provided via their test faucet to register on their test platform (test EVRs have no absolute value!).

Best of luck to everyone. Here we are, reaching a small yet important milestone for the project.

The Foundation's twitter account: https://twitter.com/evernodexrpl
The Foundation's GitHub organization: https://github.com/HotPocketDev
The Foundation's Website: https://evernode.wordpress.com/

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