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John Deaton + Jeremy Hogan + JW Verret + Eleanor Terrett + Jsn Fostr discuss on vid, the Hinmann (crook) speach


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Ellie Terret say's according to her sources, Bill Hinman is a stand up guy and John say's I'm sure people said the same thing about Bernie Madoff, LOL. This was a criminal conspiracy through and through, with Jamie Dimon (JP Morgan + friends Goldman Gensler) leading the charge, pushing their chosen one ETH, through the regulatory door, then slamming it on anybody and everybody not willing to sign up to the SEC's and Wall street banksters agenda.

Bill Hinman get's on national TV and tells everyone ETH's OK in the SEC's eyes and Jay Clayton recommends Bill's speech (they are good buddies) and they only distribute the speech internally within the SEC to the nodding dog brigade, hell no this is not random chance. GG and the current SEC are doing everything they can not to hand over the Bill Hinman emails, suing ETH's main competitor, this is not all coincidental, this is a criminal conspiracy at the heart (not that they have one) of the Sinister Ethereum Cartel and as for BH and JC being innocent patsies in all this, DON'T MAKE ME F'ing laugh.

Millions of dollars paid to these highly educated people, in positions of power, part of their jobs and the SEC's mandate is to spot, market manipulation, but they didn't know what they where doing and the effect BH's speech would have on the price of ETH and the markets, hell no, they knew exactly what they where doing and what the pay off was, for EVERYONE INVOLVED, IN THIS CONSIRACY TO CONTROL THE FUTURE OF MONEY.

Screw them all, send them ALL to f'ing jail right NOW.

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Also in case you missed it kids (BOOM):-

Fred Rispoli (Attorney) - this was in the comments section on the above twitter post :-

Also shout out to jdalf and XRP_Journey in comments for pointing out something I glossed over in the order: "may." This tells me J. Netburn has already ruled for Ripple and is giving SEC another chance to show her why she is incorrect.

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