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The speech that muddied the crypto waters... By Stuart Alderoty


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Today, global crypto markets are measured in the trillions–and the underlying technology continues to hold great promise to build a more inclusive and open financial system.

Yet, here in the U.S., the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has deliberately muddied the regulatory waters for crypto, as epitomized by a speech given by one of the agency's former officials, William Hinman, four years ago. To unlock crypto's true potential, we need to finally clean up this regulatory sludge.

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Stu Alderoty is Ripple's general counsel.


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Stu Alderoty has put out a few tweets, blasting the SEC in the past. The SEC put up a jnr lawyer to argue the case, with the court at the last hearing, against Ripples A team, this shows the SEC have all but given up. The real question is what now, I think Alderoty is venting, after all when you're dealing with a narcissistic person or in this case SEC, then what the heck else can you do, because there is no way to get through to that type of person or agency, unless of course you get your wallet out, like the ETH cartel obviously did.

The SEC want to make no rules, so they can continue to sue at will anybody and anyone in the crypto space, so as to fill their own pockets. This is a crime scene and unless congress etc, puts a stop to the SEC, then the SEC will not stop raiding what they see as their new piggy bank. It's so sad, that this small bunch of crooks, can hold up an entire industry in the USA, at the expense of Americas potential future lead in this new essential tech sector.

To put it bluntly, it pisses me off and Gensler, Clayton, Hinman, Joe L, Vitalic and Jamie Dimon all need to go to jail.

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