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Forced KYC /fake scam flag / xrp seized


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ATOMIC WALLET / CHANGE NOW/ FORCED KYC COIN SEIZURE SCAM exchange/atomic swap ..put fake SCAM FLAG on my XRP wallet you can not see / when you use Their exchange. They seized my 100k XRP and will hold indefinitely until I show all my XRP records from time of purchase .. Forced to reveal privacy and implicate yourself !! They not give any reason why I was flagged or by who .. I know it was Change NOW  made up false suspicious illegal activities flag forced to show entire history !! they will not tell by who or why and seized my  100k xrp .. I must display to them my entire XRP trading history from purchase years ago if I can not provide or refuse indefinite seizure !!! I been with Atomic 5 years no problem but they are colluding .. They advertise no KYC LIARS !!! New exchange scam !! They are flagging whoever they want and seizing your funds and force you to KYC after seizing your funds .. I have to relieve to them my entire XRP history years . .. daunting BS .. If I refuse they seize my XRP indefinitely !! They give no info on why your flagged and who flagged you .. I’m 99% they flagged me .. Only says suspicious … They provide no reason for the flag .. Total SCAM TRAP .. Must read. Terms and conditions… anybody for any reason and that is not disclosed to you and they seize / steal your crypto .. Scam Exchanges!! Stealing your crypto Atomic Wallet complicit .. Must give them all trading records !!!  I never scam anyone ..it’s hidden in terms and conditions. CHANGE NOW scam … if I do not provide all records to these scammers they keep my 100k XRP. … BEWARE !! And they can SCAM FLAG your xrp no proof only suspicion.!!!  They are a scam exchsnge must read the KYC terms and conditions it is a scam trap to steal your crypto !!

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For the exchange function, it does say that KYC may be required by ChangeNOW. Honestly it's a bit naive to think that you can get away with exchanging 100K XRP on a legitimate site these days without any verification? You see stories/complaints all the time about the big exchanges delaying withdrawals pending KCY checks. It's a pain but it's the way it tends to work at the moment if you suddenly try to withdraw unusually large amounts.

It would be better if you had the option to pre-verify and prove your source of funds in advance.

But I don't think it's a scam, no.

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