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State Connector testing/proof of concept tool


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It is possible to try out the state connector on the Flare website: https://attestation-demo.flare.network


The boxes with asterisks can't be tested yet, but they give an idea of some of the applications for the state connector in connecting to data from the internet: stock prices, online game results, etc. Trying to game out the possibilities here. Does the ability to confirm stock prices allow for the creation of a decentralised crypto stock brokerage? Could you create your own index tracking fund with your crypto? Online chess is an interesting example because the result is just win, lose, or draw. Easy for the state connector to verify. So this opens competitions and prize pools, betting, etc. In the community call Hugo also said there is an online game that is looking to leverage the state connector. I don't know enough about these areas to know what the true possibilities are. I do know that computing is basically 'if X then Y' and so I understand that the state connector allows a lot more 'if X' confirmations than ever before, which allows people to build 'then Y' applications. 

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