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HOPIUM COMING SOON (fingers crossed)


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I dunno... D-Day is June 6th...  every year! :)

It's gonna be an interesting month, anyway:  I can never tell which Winklevoss Gemini is Castor and which is Pollux, but...

Lots of celestial events and line-ups acomin'.

(I look at the Gemini lawsuit sort of like this:  You know how the BTC peeps yell "wow, 65% of BTC hasn't moved in N years!" - and they say this like it means something positive, even, which is, well, another point, but, okay - anyway, I think guys like Gary look at that like an inflated balloon and "IF press on it here, wonder where the balloon will expand on the other side?  Hmmm, that's two birds with one press - we get to see who's holding it and how they dispose of it to raise defense funds!")

Welcome to the party, pals.  Gary's attaway!



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I dream of a day when all this dirty laundry makes it to the press and is included in movies and documentaries etc. Then as the shit storm hit's the fan, the gang of thieves start to blab on each other, leading to some good actors at the SEC speaking out and maybe leaking documents etc.

The Stupid Ethin Criminals have never been under this much pressure before, so I think it's only a matter of time, before the real truth comes out. JL / JC / BH & GG should all watch their backs, because they have stirred up a hornets nest, that will never let go or forget what they have done.

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