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tefMASTER_DISABLED:Master key is disabled.(code-=-188)


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Hi there, 

Can you please help me to fix my riple coin, I cant able to transact it, everytime I tried to transact its show here "tefMASTER_DISABLED:Master key is
disabled.(code-=-188)" on my phone it pop-ups on the screen. Please


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Top Posters In This Topic

Have you ever successfully withdrawn anything from this wallet?

What app are you using? I'm wondering why it goes to 8 decimal places, that doesn't make sense for an on-chain wallet.

How did you get this XRP address? e.g. did you create it in the app and deposit XRP? Did you buy it from someone else pre-funded? etc.


To send from it, you need to know the correct "regular key", which is a long string of characters beginning with "s". Do you remember setting that in the past?

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