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problem with destination tag


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hello, I bought XRP in 2017 but I don't have a destination tag on Bithomp. I need a destination tag to transfer XRP to an account. was there a destination tag in 2017? did it come later? How can I find her? Thank you for your reply. best regards!!

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When you're trying to transfer xrp to an account/address activated in the xrp ledger you don't need a destination tag, only the address. However, if you're trying to transfer the xrp to another exchange, then to my knowledge you'll always need a destination tag.

I don't use Bithomp, but you'll probably find the address and destination tag in the deposit section of the exchange you're trying to transfer your xrp to. What you need is the destination tag of the exchange you're trying to deposit your xrp into.

Kind Regards,


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Destination tag is like a post office box number.  An entity like an exchange will have a lot of users but only one (or a few) XRP accounts.   So although all the XRP are going into one account they can keep track of the amounts owned by each user if the XRP arrive with a destination tag….    specific to each individual user.


If you send XRP to an account that is not owned by an exchange, that does not have “users”,  then it doesn’t matter if a tag is specified or not.   XRP always arrive in the account specified with or without a tag.


Some software insists on a tag being present before a send even if it’s not necessary,  in those cases any tag is fine.


But if it’s going to an exchange it definitely needs a tag else they don’t know which user is supposed to have the XRP credited.


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