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Buy all gift cards for every day shopping directly from your Xrp wallet. Instant email delivery. Playstation, Starbucks, Adidas, Amazon, Netflix, Googleplay, Airbnb and many more availableore avai


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2 hours ago, at3n said:

Ah, so this is how you liquidate the gift cards from all those scams.

Whatsapp and Instagram lol

Well, I dunno about packaging/delivery mechanisms, but the thought has occurred to me before that I could, say, use my Target card and get 5% off, practically anywhere, if there were some quick way to buy a giftcard fast before checkin' out - that's one of the big draws for buying giftcards from x retailer for another retailer; you guys are thinking past the positive, too much scam-focus will do that to ya, though I certainly understand the temptation to see everything as a 'scam', lately.

Dunno if this particular instance is a scam, but the idea is solid.  Way back when, we used to dream of putting this kind of stuff on-ledger... and making it very fast... and very cheap.

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