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John Deaton shows who knew about Bill Hinmans speech at the SEC


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They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  This summary diagram showing who was consulted (and who was left out from reading) the drafts of Hinman's speech.  The diagram demonstrates simply and directly how Hinman and Clayton rigged the SEC's oversight and deliberation processes to rig the markets for the benefit their paymasters with financial connections to the ETH Foundation.

This diagram shows how the Commissioners at the top of SEC were kept in the dark whilst a cabal of chosen officials from selected SEC departments were working with outside lawyers connected to the ETH Foundation.   This unscrutinised cabal went on  draw up rules giving ETH (name in Hinman's speech) a free pass that rigged the markets in favour of  ETH and against XRP (ETH's biggest competitor who were ahead of JPCoin (an ETH product) in the financial FX market). 

A fact emerges that 4 Commission members were completely shut out of the decision process that set out the fundamental rules that gave ETH and ETH products a free Pass whilst leaving everyone else in the crypto industry in a wilderness without regulatory guidance.

SEC's Ethic department (who had already flagged Hinman's conflicts of interest issue) were also shut out of seeing the speech.  In other documents is has become clear that Hinman deliberately bypassed the SEC ethics departments scrutiny.

At the same time Hinman was receiving 15 million from his former (and future employers) who had direct relationship with Lubin and the ETH foundation who benefitted to gain billions in profits from application of the "Hinman's rules".  

Gensler has refused to discuss the malicious corruption that happened inside the SEC.  To my mind this makes Gensler an active contributor to the covering up of malpractice hidden from the public (and the investors that have been hurt).   This makes Gensler an active ingredient in the conspiracy to defraud the public.  

I beleive the scale of the corruption, and paper trail of evidence uncovered by Deaton and the XRP army, make Gensler's attempted cover up SEC corrupt practices unsustainable.  This issue is no longer just about Ripple V SEC, it is about the SEC enabling organised crime inside the financial markets SEC are supposed to maintain.

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This cover-up extends into areas unrelated to crypto.  Crypto/Ripple V SEC are the tip of an iceberg that has been inside SEC for many years; the revolving door between politics/SEC/big buisness esp banks all oiled with money made from insider trading and direct payments to place people inside the SEC. 



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