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So what's your $Luna gameplay, if any?

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Swap it out for Iraqi Dinar and wait for the revaluation checks from Nesara. I hear the Queen of England has finally let up and decided she's going to allow the jubilee payments to go out after losing a strip poker game with Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.


Oh wait... I'm sorry I thought we were talking about KIN.


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The actual gain chance for Luna Holders was few days after the crash 

On a price of 0.8X that went to 5.XX ( The so called dead man's last breath ) 

From there ........... this coin cannot go anywhere ! 

The minted new coins needs to be burned in order for the price to go UP. 
In other words someone needs to invest like ..... 7 trillion $ to bring the price back up. 
Aks yourself some questions here like : 

- If you have 7T $$$ would you even bother :D ? ; 
- Is there actually someone with such big quantity of fiat ? ;  

- Why would you actually do this move , when you can invest 10000x less in order to build a new ecosystem from scratch; 

- why would you go trying to restore trust ? 
- What will happen if you magically have these big funds and you start burning the coin and the price raises 50% out of previous price  ( guess what .... your coin is gonna die again , since all people stuck with it will start massive selloff to get out of the boat ) !!! 

Stop asking about LUNA it's more DEAD than you can think of ! 

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