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"GemHunter Pro" helps gem hunters find new 100x tokens

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Every day crypto gem hunters and crypto traders, whether they are new or experienced users, ask the same questions:

- How and where to look for new promising crypto projects?
- How to properly analyze projects and reduce the risk of losing money due to a scam?
- How to predict market movements, which tokens are worth to buy and sell?

You will agree: it is much more profitable to buy a coin for a new project at the moment of its appearance, because the prices of tokens after the release often give at least x2 of the invested sum.

But how to choose such a project? According to the ListingSpy website, more than 2,000 thousand new tokens and smart contracts appear every day on DeFi exchange PancakeSwap alone. Naturally, it is simply unrealistic to analyze them all manually, and even more so to choose a suitable project for investment. That's why websites that provide information about ongoing, upcoming and already completed presales of tokens and airdrops are very popular among investors.

Nevertheless, many sites lack many necessary functions, such as preliminary project evaluation, selection of promising projects and analysis of investor's crypto portfolio with recommendations and market evaluations.

"What to do?" - you ask. The answer is obvious: use GemHunter.Pro!

With GemHunter platform, you can easily find, analyze and track new crypto projects, IDOs and ICOs in real-time. The key point of this opportunity is that such cryptocurrencies most often have an extremely small market capitalization, but are similar to gemstones, as they can show a 10, 20 or even 100 times growth in the future!

With our platform, gem hunters will be able to:

- Find out about new token listings on all popular exchanges in real time.
- Find out about upcoming IDO/ICO/IEOs by getting information from over 150 launchpads.
- Get in-depth information on crypto projects you're interested in in minutes with our automated project analysis.
- Use our unique token rating system and buy tokens automatically.
- Track price changes of tokens in your crypto portfolio in real time.
- Have minimal risk of getting into scam projects, as all tokens provided on the platform are thoroughly vetted and screened.

But why is our platform focused on new tokens rather than popular cryptocurrencies?
This is because coins such as Bitcoin, Etherium and others have come a long way before becoming popular. In addition, the exchange rates of many of them are already high enough that novice crypto investors cannot afford to buy enough of them to make significant profits.
Of course, not all new tokens find their audience and become popular. Only projects that bring real value to their participants and the cryptocurrency community attract serious investments. Nevertheless, the potential profit justifies the risks, so it's worth a try.

Tip: Just try to use GemHunter. You will like it.

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