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Keep track of Bitcoin price in Excel and Google Sheets


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If you use spreadsheets (Excel or Google Sheets) to manage your crypto portfolio, do check out Finsheet (finsheet.io), a website my friends and I started recently. To get latest quote of Ripple, use this one simple function:


If you are a trader that needs intra-day data to do technical analysis or backtesting, this function will give you 1-minute price of Ripple from the beginning of today (04/25/2022) until now:

=FS_CryptoCandles("COINBASE:XRP-USD", "1", "04/25/2022")

The website is completely free right now since we just launched. Really appreciate if you guys can check it out and let me know any feedback you may have. Thanks a lot.

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The website is completely free right now since we just launched

Which suggests a payment model later once you have a user base. Seems odd considering I can easily run api queries from excel on countless free data sources already, eg. coinmarketcap, binance, coingecko, etc. and my queries are a single line too. Not really sure how you're adding value here - maybe I'm missing something ???

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There is a way to use IMPORTXML function. This method is more flexible because you can choose a site or exchange from which you will transfer cryptocurrency quotes to Google Table with automatic updates. The second advantage of this option - there are no restrictions in terms of available tokens because not all of them are represented by Google. I personally took the Coinmarketcap website as a source of information about cryptocurrency rates. It's a reputable site. There is also a resource that allows you to export data not only on the rates of cryptocurrencies. If interested, you can go here.

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