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Ripple’s General Counsel Says Ripple-SEC Case Will Likely Extend Into 2023: Here’s why


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Stuart Alderoty, general counsel at Ripple, has recently explained why the resolution of the SEC’s lawsuit against Ripple may not play out in 2022 as expected.

In a series of tweets on April 22nd, Alderoty thanked all those who have been watching as things unfold and supporting the course of Ripple and XRP in the ongoing case.

Reacting to James K. Filan’s update, Stuart Alderoty tweeted, “To all that have been following the case thus far – thank you. Know that Ripple is pushing hard (and the Court is working hard) to resolve the case as soon as possible, despite the SEC time and again doing everything they can to delay.”

Ripple SEC Lawsuit Resolution Will Likely Come In 2023

In the same thread of tweets, Alderoty said it’s getting clearer that the lawsuit would extend into 2023, contrary to the expectation of the XRP community members. A lawsuit that was filed in December 2020 will now possibly extend into its 3rd year before a resolution can be achieved.

Ripple’s general counsel wrote, “It now looks like a resolution will come in 2023 - and each day that passes is hurting US citizens who were essentially the victims of a rug pull by the SEC. $15B in XRP market cap was destroyed the day the suit was filed, hurting the very people the SEC purports to protect.”


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