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Destination Tag issue


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Hi mates , when I want to send my XRPs from Binance to my Trustwallet account  , it ask me for the destination tag to be provided . However Trustwallet does not require such Tag and its mentioned clearly when I want to deposit XRP . How I can transfer my XRPs from Binance to Trustwallet without actually having Tag?




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6 hours ago, mNk said:

You simply do not set one. 

I will advice you tough first to try with the minimum amount possible so you can check if it will go trough without any issues! 

What he said. If it's your personal wallet you never need a destination tag. You only need a destination tag when you're sending funds to an exchange or some other hosted wallet where they use one address for all deposits. In that case the destination tag is used to identify who the deposit is for.

And like he said, whenever you're doing something for the first time in crypto it's good to test with a small transaction first. Transactions are irrevocable, so the small extra fee is worth making sure you've got it right.

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