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My 10xrp


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If you're talking about the last 10 XRP in your wallet, well it's quite tricky to spend it unless you have more in a different wallet.

You can delete the account and reclaim nearly 8 out of the 10 XRP, and the remaining 2 will be burned (destroyed) in the process.

However, you need to have somewhere to send the 8. It's dangerous to try to send them directly to an exchange because some (most/all) exchanges don't recognise the "delete" transaction as a payment transaction, so you may lose your XRP if you send them to an exchange in this manner. If you have another XRP wallet with at least 10 XRP in it, then you can send them there, and then from there, send them on to an exchange normally.

But if this is your only wallet, you don't really have anywhere to send them, unless you know someone who will buy them from you in a private sale, or find an exchange who accepts delete transactions.

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