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100,000,000 XRP Airdrop SCAM??!!!


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Hi, I believe I have been scammed!!! I sent 18K XRP to the wallet address shown on ripple-finance-prize.com BUT I put the wrong "Destination Tag". I have read that if I was able to contact the wallet's "exchange" they could credit the XRP or perhaps send it back to me? Any ideas? Thanks

Screenshot 2022-04-04 102947.png

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Yes that’s a scam.  Ripple do not do giveaways or airdrops.


Why do you think it’s an exchange?  Can you post the actual address you sent it to (minus the tag…   (let’s not publish the users tag).


If it is an exchange and if the exchange is reputable and and if they agree that you should be refunded and if the user who got them hasn’t traded or sent them away, you might get them back.  In that case it’s lucky you used the wrong tag.

But it could just be the scammers wallet (not an exchange) and the tag is irrelevant in that case.

Good luck with it.


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