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A John Deaton Twitter thread, more ETH gate revelations


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The direct line to Clayton paid off. At Hinman’s deposition, we learned Hinman emailed Lubin directly. The Ripple lawyers implied it was at Clayton’s direction. Hinman responded that he didn’t recall. But why would Hinman reach out and email Lubin directly? Think about it. Clayton was helping his law firm and one of it’s major clients. You see, Lubin not only hired a lawyer from Sullivan & Cromwell and made him Deputy GC - he hired Sullivan & Cromwell to represent himself, ConsenSys, and to help facilitate the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance.

After Hinman emailed Lubin, they met on December 13, 2017. Hinman met with Lubin AT LEAST 3 more times, including on June 8, 2018 - 6 days before the free pass speech. Of course, Hinman also met with the VC Working Group on March 28, 2018 and relied on the Perkins Coie Memo.

Before you read the full, keep in mind the following: Sullivan & Cromwell represents ConsenSys and the interests of the EEA; Hinman’s law firm is a member of the EEA; Perkins Coie is a member of the EEA; The only token mentioned in the Perkins Coie Safe Harbor is ETH;

After Hinman followed the Perkins Coie Memo giving ETH a regulatory free pass, Hinman was later made a partner at a16z - the very same fund that hired Perkins Coie to write the memo lobbying for ETH’s free pass;

ConsenSys acquired Quorum from JP Morgan, supporting the JPMCoin, a direct competitor to Ripple & XRP; Sullivan & Cromwell brokered the Quorum deal 4 months before the lawsuit against Ripple and XRP; 2 month before the lawsuit, One River bet $1B on BTC and ETH; Clayton broke party lines to cast the deciding vote to bring the case (he voted against fellow republicans Hester Peirce & Elad Roisman); Clayton agreed he should recuse himself if a case involved his firm’s client, but he voted to bring a case against his client’s competitor; Clayton was hired by One River within weeks of leaving the SEC; Director of Enforcement Marc Berger, who helped write the Complaint, immediately left going to Hinman’s EEA firm - Simpson Thacher. Now read the Grundfest letter...

For those who hate reading Moon Lambo way's in:-

Nothing to see here - move along, billions of reasons why all this went down, don't you think!

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It's going to be very interesting to see how this all plays out.  It's amazing the amount of corruption revealed and, at the same time, the slow glacial like movement of the US judicial process in getting the case resolved.  I know each day brings us closer to eventual success but, seeing it all play out in ultra slow motion is extremely painful.

That being said, when it is resolved, if XRP price action is able to start growing the way ETH's has done over time it will be phenomenal for those of us who've been hanging on.

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It's strange that potentially millions of people know what's going on, but we see the same weasels win time after time. Putin displaces millions with his war and the human race still seems to have not figured out the obvious, WE collectively could stop this minority, if we stood together in the right way. In the old days before the internet etc, it wouldn't be possible, but I think future generations may well sort out these types of people and situations in the biggest VR type town halls globally assembled.

Just a thought I have, about the future, GG and Putin etc, vs billions in VR style democratic assemblies, with electronic voting on the issues, 1 person, 1 vote with potentially billions of people telling these people SOD OFF :)

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