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What happened with the whole COIL thing, is their business plan still that bad?

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So, is it still a thing. I went to their website and I can't tell what its really about or if anyone is really using it. Weren't they supposed to challenge youtube or something? It was supposed to be this big thing. Did it ever really get off the ground?

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It looks like they did not, even though the idea is good. I would even say that it’s a really good idea since it helps support small-scale platforms and developers. I cannot really understand how that works, but it seems to work.
They could not catch some big fish, except for Twitch and Imgur, and make them their partners. They would have more clients if this system somehow included more streaming services or paid memberships. But I can’t imagine how that would work. They would be much more attractive for the stakeholders, just as described here: https://www.prendo.com/leadership-challenges/engaging-stakeholders/. I think that they need some fresh breath and the business will move somewhere.

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