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Ripple’s Request for Extra Time Regarding Redacted Documents Has Been Granted


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According to the latest development, the motion filed by Ripple, the cross-border payments firm, for extra time in relation to the redacted documents has been granted by the Judge.

The new development was shared on Twitter a few hours ago by James K. Filan, a defense lawyer and former federal prosecutor. According to the attorney, the request was granted by the court in a Text Only Order.

In the update, Filan pointed out that the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has been instructed by the Judge to make the redacted documents available for the defendants’ assessment by 30th March 2022, while they are expected to respond by 4th April.

James K. Filan tweeted, “Ripple's request for extra time regarding the redacted documents was granted in a Text Only Order. The SEC is directed to produce the redacted documents for Defendants' assessment by March 30, 2022. Defendants' response is due April 4, 2022.”


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