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Goldman Sachs Gensler explains how XRP is a bridge CURRENCY!


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Exhibit A your honour, it's very CLEAR what XRP is, hey GG how much is Goldman and JP Morgan paying you to leave ETH alone, weasel.

Corruption at the SEC, Shady Ethereum Cartel, are these people and their puppet masters above the law, Jamie Dimon go to jail and don't pass go and take Jay Clayton, Bill Hinman, Gary Gensler and Joseph Lubin with you. It's now beyond doubt, these people conspired to give ETH a free regulatory pass and deliberately sabotaged Ripple all for their own greed.

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I'm currently trying to figure out what's causing the Surge in Ether,XRP and some others. 
It's not ordinary move UP. 
Technically bitcoin is siting silently at the same levels. 

Am I missing something ? Can't seem to find anything new in news feeds. 
Currently 11% surge is even higher when the Denial Court Ruling came out in the news :huh: 

This does not even match the volumes that i get from TradingView. 
I'm like confused. It's some weird liquidity grab by MarketMaker. 
( If this is a MM move , as soon as MA20-white touch MA50-red on descend it will dumb down )

Someone with theories ? 


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