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where/how to buy XRP in the USA/Canada? Where To Buy XRP - Best Places To Buy - Cheapest Fastest Ways - Vauld Bitrue Kucoin Uphold Ripple


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Cheapest and fastest way. First three exchanges are indirect  buys - Vauld, Bitrue, Kucoin, meaning they don’t allow Fiat. You would have to first buy USDT on your favorite exchange, and then transfer to these three exchanges to  buy XRP. Or if you cannot buy USDT on your favorite exchange, you can  buy XLM (stellar) transfer to these exchanges and buy USDT and then buy  XRP with it. Vauld is very good exchange and my favorite one, I use it all the time  with no issues. As I said buy USDT from let’s say coinbase Pro, and then  transfer to vauld and buy XRP.  Same thing for bitrue exchange and Kucoin. On all of these three  exchanges KYC is not mandatory in many countries.  Second way is to buy is direct purchase using Fiat - Coinmetro, Uphold, Gatehub


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