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Accessing and verifying address offline on tails.


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Hi everyone,

I created my paper wallet with bithomp paper wallet (https://bithomp.com/paperwallet/) and wrote down the address and the secret key.

Now I'd like to verify that I have written the address and secret key properly  before doing a transaction and it is my understanding that you can do so using offline means.
I downloaded bithomp tools master from github and tried to open it on tails and it stuck on Tails.

Then I tried downloading Ripple Client Desktop for linux and it didn't start either . The only executable on the download was RippleAdminConsole-1.4 and it din't do anything. I tried running it on Ubuntu and it didn't start either.

What am I doing wrong here ? The version of tails is old , I can burn the newest version , but it didn't run on the newest version of ubuntu either. Can I do anything else to verify it offline?

Thanks in advance.

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You could use xrpl-py/xrpl4js to generate and verify your own keys. If you're going to use python, install py and the xrpl-py library on an online machine and transfer all of the related data to your offline tails machine using a USB stick. (terminate the USB stick after you've done this).

Use this code to verify your private key, if an error pops up, it's not valid.
If it outputs a public key, it's an authentic private key.

from xrpl.core import keypairs
secret = "Account Secret Goes Here"
public, private = keypairs.derive_keypair(secret)
print("PUBLIC KEY:")

I suggest using an updated version of tails (LTS). Good luck schizo :crazy: !

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Man I don't have the knowledge to run python . I went as far as to install the libraries , but I don't have the knowledge to write code , I've written a couple of lines at most. If you have a tutorial or a youtube video I can learn I might give it a try.

Also I've only run tails directly from my dvd and not installed it. I also downloaded SimpleXRPTools and it opens but it doesn't run. On the new version of tails it doesn't open either bithomp or simpleXRPtools at all. It says it can't access the webpage at all.


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I managed to open both bithomp and SimpleXrp tools with an Ubuntu installed on a dvd. For some reason they don't work on tails.

I hope this helps anyone who wants to run things offline with both these tools. The ubuntu dvd can boot even without a hard drive if anyone is looking for extra security.

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