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2FA issue on gatehub after formatting my phone


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If you have written down the 2FA authentication code when enabling it you could use it to add it too your phone manually (instead of scanning QR code). If you did not and if it is not possible to reset through email, I guess only GateHub support will help.

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Four months ago, I had a similar problem on my desktop pc after formatting, because I didn't had it syncronized with google account.

Gatehub helpped me solving it, so they will also should help you.

Only they can do it.

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3 hours ago, Tr1n1ty86 said:

I hope so, the point is that they haven't yet replied to my email. And by reading on this forum, it seems that GateHub support doesn't almost reply... Is there someone from GateHub support here that can help me?

I have the same concern about my Android - I'm due for a new phone soon, so i have to make sure to back my phone up and sync it to my google account.  Only then will I get a new phone and hopefully, my authenticator account will also be synced.  It wouldn't surprise me if I had to got to Gatehub for assistance if something happens though.

If your delay has been more than a few business days, you might want to contact @enej for details. 

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