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Bloomberg-Ripple is the second biggest spender in lobbying 2021


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1. ETH foundation isn’t even on the list. So I guess this article must be talking about a company’s spending on the government officials in a legal way?

2. Ripple has paid around 1 million which is nothing compared with what they have spent on this case and the potential loss if they lost the case.

Original Topic: Crypto Lobbying Skyrocketed Last Year — Even Facebook and IBM Got Involved 




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4 hours ago, thinlyspread said:

I suppose Consensys et al wouldn't need to go hard lobbying for Ethereum once they knew they had the SEC feeding from their pockets. 

Yeah, apparently Ripple lobbies on the books and fills out all the legal filings - and Consensys does it "another way."  :rolleyes:

This is why a lot of the "good" actors that the SEC has gone after have wanted to raise "unclean hands" issues re: SEC.

(Those are too embarassing and Ripple is walking a fine line while taking the hard line.  Which...did I steal that from JB?)

Well... there's some old Oscar Wilde line about "if you're gonna steal, steal from the best" or something to that effect.  (Of course, there's the Morrissey line about "if you must derive prose and poems / the words you use should be your own / don't plagiarize or take on loan / there's always someone, somewhere, with a big nose who knows / and trips you up and laughs when you fall"... which is why I attrib, where possible!

(Haven't had my coffee...) :)

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