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CryptoLaw Founder Shares 16 Facts That Prove the Case Will End In Favor of Ripple and XRP


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Speculations continue to rage within the XRP community on when the lawsuit between Ripple, the US-based cross-border payment firm, and the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), would end.

As the XRP community anticipates, John Deaton, the founder of CryptoLaw, has highlighted 16 facts that prove that the case is dead on arrival for the SEC, which implies that the case would end in favor of Ripple and XRP.

16 Facts That Prove the SEC Would Lose the Case

John Deaton’s first point comes from the early days of the crypto ecosystem, 2012. He said back then, both Jesse Powell (Kraken CEO) and Ripple co-founder Jed McCaleb (Now the founder of Stellar Lumens), received a legal opinion letter from Perkins Coie, which says the sale of XRP to investors and the use of the money for operational costs could make XRP become an investment contract or security.

John Deaton tweeted, “On February 8, 2012, @jespow & @JedMcCaleb received a legal opinion letter from Perkins Coie informing them if they sell XRP to investors and use the money for operational costs, XRP will likely be an investment contract aka, a security.”


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