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Noobie from AUS!!


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Hi everyone, as my title states I am a newbie here from Australia. I have done a little research (probably not enough) but I've come to a conclusion that i would like to start my crypto journey with XRP but the problem is I don't exactly know where to start lol. could anyone help me?  

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I suggest taking everything in the space with a grain of salt, good or bad.

The best place to learn how the XRP Ledger works from a technical stand point would be here:



The best exchanges for Australian users in my opinion are:




I prefer the prior.


I'm on my phone so that's all you get from me for now but hopefully you find some good info across the site.

The "Clubs" have some pretty good info in them too

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Many thanks for this reply. I have just set up an account with independent reserve but i will definitely look at the two you provided me with. I dont know anything about trading, i was just thinking of buying some coins and then just holding it? what would be the best and safest way of doing so? and also "clubs" is that a website? 

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